Hazard Research and Geographical Risks Centre (CCHRG) is a research unit established within the Faculty of Geography, Babes-Bolyai University, in 2009 and accredited as a Center of Excellence in 2010 (diploma no. 11054 / 01.07.2010 ).

General  study field is the multidisciplinary analysis of natural and anthropogenic hazards in terms of geographical academic knowledge in order to support the community by providing comprehensive information and services for risk management at local, regional and national levels.

Research on hazards field and associated risks gather various subfields of physical and technical geography such as: dynamic geomorphology, engineering and experimental geomorphology, fluvial geomorphology, dendrogeomorphology, hydrology, hydrometry, hydraulics, limnology, meteorology, climatology, pedology, geomatics, remote sensing, topography, cartography, etc.  Obviously, their related efforts necessarily involve to correlate the results with data from geodemographic,  urbanism, territorial planning and other scientific fields.

Among the research activities within CCHRG it includes: studies of hazard, vulnerability and susceptibility; risk identification processes; reconstitution of extreme events and determining periods of recovery; development and implementation of strategies for risk assessment and management; design, promotion and application of ecological rehabilitation and landscaping  reintegration strategies for degraded areas etc.

     The research results consist in numerous publications, scientific articles and research projects with themes as: dynamic mass movement processes; hazards and risk assessment associated to mass movement processes; hydrological risk phenomena; climatic risk phenomena; numerical modeling  of mass movement processes; the frequency and magnitude of geomorphological risk processes; geomorphological mapping using GIS techniques; natural risk management.

Scientific studies are  published  in journals as CCHRG “Riscuri si Catastrofe” ( biannual) and in journals of some internationally recognized publishers.